Your Customer Journey & The Zero Moment of Truth

I first came across this article a few years back and it’s a great piece by Search Engine Land columnist Marcus Miller, titled SEO & The Zero Moment of Truth, link for you below.

Although first written in February 2016, this article is as relevant today, in February 2019, as it was 3 years ago. Marcus’s piece is an excellent read and clearly details how the customer journey has changed in our digital age and how things will continue to change.

For me, the crucial take-away as a business owner or marketeer – you need to not just consider, but fully understand how a (potential) customer’s touch points with your brand are impacted by the use of: smartphones, social media, search engines, reviews, your website – (it should be responsive and it’s crazy how many websites are still not responsive in 2019), live chat, email, phone or in person.

All of these factors WILL impact WHEN and IF a potential customer will buy from you.

Ultimately, before a customer decides whether or not they will part with their £££’s, they are going to have questions and they will expect answers…… and quickly.

It’s your job to provide the information they seek and it’s essential that you are sending the right (and consistent message) to your customers and via multiple channels.

Unfortunately, the reality is things are getting tougher and it’s unlikely consumers will buy after just one touch point and if you’re not geared up to manage the message you are pushing out to your customers, you’re missing a trick….